Empowering global
change one person
at a time.

Empowering global
change one person
at a time.

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Moeda cooperative banking system Logo

Payments  |  Remittance  |  Lending

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Moeda is a cooperative banking system powered by blockchain, built for everyone

Why Moeda?

  • Simple peer to peer payments.
  • Peer to peer remittance.
  • Micro business loans.
  • Fiat pegged moeda token.
  • NGO charity lending program.
  • UN sustainable development partner.

Moeda offers simple peer-to-peer payments and a peer-to-peer remittance network to help drive entrepreneurs toward their goals. From micro business loans to large crowdfunded initiatives, the Moeda digital token, which is fiat pegged, can empower regular people across the world.

A digital token can travel farther and faster than physical cash ever could. Payments, remittance and lending, the Moeda platform allows underbanked entrepreneurs access to fast payment ecosystem and personal business loans using blockchain based Android and IOS applications.

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Moeda cooperative banking system Logo

Will roll out first across Brazil in association with:

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United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Logo

Moeda will have global influence, launching in association with Unicafes, an NGO charity lending program, the United Nations sustainable development goals initiative and Green Cross. The Moeda token is the financial bridge needed to lift rural and unbanked populations.

Founders & Team Members

Taynaah Reis, Team Member

Taynaah Reis

Brad Chun, Team Member

Brad Chun

Athena Diaconis, Team Member

Athena Diaconis

Isa Yu, Team Member

Isa Yu

Alex Todaro, Team Member

Alex Todaro

Angela Cheng, Team Member

Angela Cheng

Brent Dixon, Team Member

Brent Dixon

Ari Eisenstat, Team Member

Ari Eisenstat

About the Founders


Luiz Antonio Reis, Advisor

Luiz Antonio Reis

Peter Kim, Advisor

Peter Kim

Janet Salazar, Advisor

Janet Salazar

Maria Paula, Advisor

Maria Paula

About the Advisors

Strategic Partners

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