Our Story

Why is social impact investing so challenging?

The co-founders of Moeda met for the first time to puzzle over this question, during the 2017 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Hackathon. They founded what would become the winning team by creating a new solution to alleviate social impact's most persistent challenges. As soon as the conference was over, they launched Moeda. 

Here's what that winning solution looks like in practice:  Moeda’s use of blockchain technology helps it to effectively leapfrog some of the most common challenges that microlenders often encounter: lack of transparency, a preponderance of middlemen, and inefficiency. Blockchain allows for the creation of trustworthy, immutable records, as well as cost-saving operational efficiencies that then lower the cost of lending.

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Our Progress

Where we are now

In the six months following its launch, Moeda raised $20 million in an initial coin offering (ICO) to crowdfund its growth. A portion of the ICO proceeds were allocated to a revolving fund for future social impact investments. In turn, investors in Moeda’s MDA tokens were given exclusive access to these same investment projects.

One year later, the Moeda team hasn't slowed down. They've funded their first round of cooperative agriculture projects in Brazil (with the help of a partnership with Unicafes and an on-the-ground technical support team).

Though its approach may sound futuristic, Moeda’s mission is a timeless one: to give people the means to support themselves and their communities.

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Our locations

We are based in New York (USA) and Brasília (BR).

Our Team

Dedicated and driven from all walks of life.

Taynaah Reis

Taynaah Reis

CEO & Cofundadora
Brad Chun

Brad Chun

CTO & Cofundador
Isa Yu

Isa Yu

CFO & Cofundadora