Getting to know Moeda

Moeda is a social impact investment platform built on the innovative use of blockchain technology. Moeda’s mission, however, is a timeless one: to enable sustainable growth for underfunded entrepreneurs worldwide. 

Moeda’s business model exists at the intersection of two exciting and rapidly evolving fields: impact investing and blockchain technology. As you can imagine, we field a lot of questions from around the world about how it works, what we’re up to, and what to expect from Moeda in the future. We’ve compiled our most frequently asked questions here.

Take some time to peruse the below questions and answers. If you’ve read through them and still have a burning, unanswered question, feel free to drop us a line at [email protected]. We love hearing from you, and pride ourselves in answering all inquiries in a timely manner. 

Please do keep in mind that our communications team is currently based in NYC and available from 9AM - 5PM EST.

How many tokens were created? How many are in circulation?

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20,000,000 tokens were created.
19,628,888 tokens are in circulation.

Where can I purchase MDA?

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At present, MDA is no longer being created. The only way to acquire MDA is from an existing holder. Moeda does not support or facilitate any trading of MDA or the listing of MDA on any cryptocurrency exchanges. To engage in social impact investment activities on the Moeda platform requires MDA. Anyone wishing to acquire MDA to participate on the Moeda platform should contact a cryptocurrency exchange to determine whether it is possible to purchase MDA on the exchange and to determine the regulatory requirements for participating on such exchange.

If I have Brazil's Fiat can I invest in the app's projects without MDA?

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To access Moeda's ecosystem (investments, payments, products) from outside of Brazil you must have MDA. Without MDA only if you are Brazilian and have a CPF valid number, which is similar to the Social Security Number, to register a Moeda account.