Getting to know Moeda

Moeda is a social impact investment platform built on the innovative use of blockchain technology. Moeda’s mission, however, is a timeless one: to enable sustainable growth for underfunded entrepreneurs worldwide. 

Moeda’s business model exists at the intersection of two exciting and rapidly evolving fields: impact investing and blockchain technology. As you can imagine, we field a lot of questions from around the world about how it works, what we’re up to, and what to expect from Moeda in the future. We’ve compiled our most frequently asked questions here.

Take some time to peruse the below questions and answers. If you’ve read through them and still have a burning, unanswered question, feel free to drop us a line at [email protected]. We love hearing from you, and pride ourselves in answering all inquiries in a timely manner. 

Please do keep in mind that our communications team is currently based in NYC and available from 9AM - 5PM EST.

What is Moeda?

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Moeda is the first company of its kind. It takes its name from the Portuguese word for “coin,” and was launched in 2017 at a United Nations hackathon with the aim of addressing the U.N.’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Moeda model is based on a holistic approach to fostering sustainable economic growth, which consists of three components: a proprietary digital token (MDA), a peer-to-peer remittance app, and a locally-based entrepreneur accelerator.

What is Moeda's mission?

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Moeda's mission is to foster sustainable economic well-being in underbanked communities by facilitating investment and eliminating the common financial hurdles for small businesses.

What's the story of Moeda?

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Moeda was inspired by the idea that blockchain technology could lead to greater trust, efficiency, transparency and access to funding for those who currently have no means of acquiring it. It was initially launched after winning the United Nations SDG hackathon and ran a successful blockchain crowdfunding campaign in 2017. As of early 2018, Moeda has funded 18 local and cooperative-based entrepreneurs in rural areas in Brazil. The team is currently working on the Moeda app which will both increase investing in current and future projects and serve as a banking tool for Moeda entrepreneurs.

Where is Moeda located?

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Moeda is a global company with locations in New York City and Brazil.

How does Moeda improve upon the traditional micro-loan impact investing model?

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Moeda provides unprecedented transparency for both the micro-loan recipients and investors. Investors will be able to follow the flow of capital as well as the progress of all funded projects. The Moeda platform will also allow for all entrepreneurs to have their own digital identity – empowering them, often for the first time, with the means to build viable financial track records and the credit necessary for building their business and supporting their community. Moeda is also providing each of its entrepreneurs with on-the-ground access to education, vendors, contacts and the market. Through the conjunction of on-the-ground empowerment and technological innovation, we are building a new sustainable ecosystem for impact investing.

What has Moeda been up to since its launch?

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Since its launch in April 2017, Moeda has been pretty busy.
Here are some of the team’s major milestones so far: 

August 2017: Moeda conducted an ICO where $20 million worth of crypto (BTC/ETH) was raised. In total, 20,000,000 MDA tokens were issued.
September 2017: Moeda issued tokens to investors and agents.
January 2018: Moeda announced the funding of its first round of seed projects in rural Brazil.

What is Moeda working on currently?

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First and foremost: the Moeda app! 

Moeda's inaugural Seed Pilot Projects were all officially funded and we'll keep everyone updated on their progress as Moeda's on-the-ground team helps them scale their projects.
Through this initial effort, Moeda plans to invest $10MM through more than 100,000 loans in the next year to vetted entrepreneurs.

Be sure to follow us on our social media accounts to stay in the know: 
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What financial hurdles does Moeda solve for small businesses?

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Excessive fees, inaccessible financial credit and high interest rates are some of the hurdles that will be alleviated through the Moeda platform. The Moeda app will facilitate peer-to-peer payments and loans and is specifically designed to empower underbanked entrepreneurs whose work fulfills the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

What does underbanked mean?

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“Underbanked” (sometimes used interchangeably as “unbanked”) is a term used to refer to the 38% of the world’s population that has little or no access to regulated banking services and financial credit. According to the most recent estimates by the World Bank, there are as many as 2 billion underbanked people worldwide. Underbanked populations suffer from a lack of credit or access to business loans, which severely limits the possibilities for economic growth. Hamstrung by unpredictable interest rates, predatory loans and an inability to establish credit, local underbanked entrepreneurs are often unable to access the necessary capital to expand their businesses and establish meaningful financial security.

What is the purpose of Moeda’s app?

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Moeda’s first app will be a resource for both impact investors and funded entrepreneurs, and will provide the Moeda team with feedback for future product development and improvement. Specifically, it will:

.Enable users to build credit worthiness (often for the first time!) and to own their financial data using a self-sovereign digital identity tied to an immutable blockchain record.
.Allowing instant and inexpensive peer-to-peer payments using digital tokens. Avoiding government caps and fees on all transactions that happen within the Moeda payment ecosystem.
.Provide a transparent record of financial activity by mirroring all transactions made through the app on the blockchain.
.Promote shared knowledge, new impact models, and mutual support by providing tools for exploring details of funded Moeda Seed projects.

Moeda is just an app?

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Moeda is more than a currency, it is an entire ecosystem based on identity, 2 token structures (MDA and MDA-BRL) and project accountability tracking.

The architecture of our systems have a hybrid format where we combine different technologies. TA Tools system is capable to give support to technical assistants to analyze, evaluate risk, select projects and track investments and outcomes. Results of every step are stored in our audit blockchain that talks to MDA-BRL smart contract token, to track every spent on the ecosystem. All outcomes builds attributes on user Blockchain ID. You can only access investments if you have MDA utility token.

You can see Moeda Ecosystem here.

Why does Moeda use blockchain technology?

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Blockchain technology facilitates the exchange of value without the need for intermediaries, enables transparent interactions of parties through a trusted and secure network that distributes certified and auditable access to data, simplifying the existing processes, lowering the costs and increasing capital efficiency.
Unlike traditional means of banking and currency exchange, blockchain technology is uniquely suited to impact investing. Specifically, through blockchain technology, the Moeda platform provides:
.Transparency of currency transactions and investment progress
.Self-sovereign identity for platform users
.Faster transfer of loan proceeds and wider accessibility through the use of digital tokens
.Lower fees than those typically associated with payment and remittance through traditional financial institution channels